Kionix Product Lines


Kionix accelerometers provide industry-leading performance and quality for consumer electronics,industrial, health and fitness, and automotive applications. Kionix accelerometers are available in 2x2x0.9 mm, 3x3x0.9 mm, 3x5x0.9 mm, and 5x5x1.2 mm packages.

6-Axis Combo Parts

Kionix's new 6-axis combination devices are the latest additions to our product line and provide our customers with unparalleled performance. With our latest Sensor Fusion software innovations,6-axis combination products provide important benefits to product designers looking to conserve circuit-board real estate, reduce power and reduce the overall part count to simplify their designs.

Accelerometer/Magnetometer Solutions
Kionix’s newest combination product is the KMX61G accelerometer/magnetometer, with integrated Sensor Fusion software, creating the industry’s first magnetic gyro solution.

Accelerometer/Gyroscope Solutions

Our new 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope devices are compelling products that directly address the needs of customers for high-performance parts with a small footprint, low current and the intelligence to help manage the overall power requirements of their designs.


MEMS  gyroscopes continue to be rapidly adopted into a wide range of products  and applications, including gaming, image stabilization, bodymotion  dynamics, virtual reality, location-based services, electronic stability  control, and many more.

Kionix  currently offers the KGY23 (I2C) and the KGYS3 (SPI), both 4x4x0.9 mm, low-power, 3-axis gyroscopes designed for high-volume consumer applications.  These gyros feature current consumption of 3.75 mA, user-selectable bandwidth,flexible output ranges and excellent bias stability over temperature, as well as low noise at 0.03 deg/sec/vHz.


High Performance Digital Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensors

MEMS Vision’s relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) sensors are built using the company’s revolutionary H-MoSiCTM technology and the long experience of its team with ASIC designs,enabling high levels of performance, such as fast RH measurement response time and high accuracy.The technology also offers a very robust proprietary sensor-level protection, ensuring excellent stability against aging and harsh environmental conditions such as shock and volatile chemicals.

MEMS Visions’s RH & T sensors are ideal for use in environmental sensing for the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, agricultural and other sectors. Some application examples include:


OEM products
Battery-powered systems
Smart phones and tablets
HVAC systems
Medical equipment
Building automation
White goods
Refrigeration equipment
Data logging


productimg MEMS-VISION MVH3000D series DFN-style LGA package.

Solar-MEMS Products

XSSOC-A SUN SENSOR / Analog sensor:

Two accuracy axes.
Field of view of ±60º.
Accuracy better than 0.3º (3σ error).
Interface of 4 analog signals.
Dimensions about 30x30x12 mm.
Useful in space and aeronautics.
Engineering model available

SSOC-D SUN SENSOR / Digital sensor:


Two accuracy axes.
Field of view of ±60º.
Accuracy better than 0.3º (3σ error).
Interface of 4 analog signals.
SPI or UART communication interfaces over RS-422.
Dimensions about 50x30x12 mm.
Useful in space and aeronautics.
Engineering model available.

  ISSTX SUN SENSOR / Digital sensor for solar trackers:


Two accuracy axes.
Field of view from 10º to 120º (depending on the model).
Accuracy from 0.005º to 0.06º (depending on the model).
It measures direct normal radiation (DNI).
Communication interface MODBUS RTU over RS-485.
Dimensions about 80x80x27 mm.
Useful in renewable energy, specifically on solar trackers

HELIOS CONTROLLER / Sun tracking control system


High accuracy sun tracking control system.
Maximum accuracy of 0.01º (includes high accuracy sun sensor).
Adaptable for any type of actuator/motor.
Includes several analog and digital inputs and outputs.
Assembly over DIN rail.
Communication interface over CANbus or Modbus.
Includes software for remote supervision and monitoring.

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